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Webra Big Ben
1961 Webra Big Ben 5.0cc R/C Glow

Technical Data:

Bore                              19.0 mm
Stroke                           17.6 mm
Rpm                           12,200 rpm
Power                              0.6 Hp
Total combustion           4.98 cc
Weight                            220 g
Intake                             front

Webra Big Ben 5.0cc was a troubled design from the first production run until the last. The engine tended to over head and stall. The last version (1964) with the vertical finned head was better but, not the solution.
After four years of trouble Webra ended the production.

1961 Webra Big Ben R/C Glow Engine

1961 Webra Big Ben 5.0cc 

Webra Big Ben 5.0cc R/C

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