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Taifun Zyklon
1961 Taifun Zyklon R/C

Technical Data:

Bore                         15.0 mm
Stroke                      14.0 mm
Rpm                          13,500 rpm
Power                         0.25 Hp
Total combustion       2.47 cc
Weight                      155 gram
Intake                          Front

The Taifun Zyklon diesel with its R/C throttle allowed the engine to idle down to about 3,200 Rpm.

Hans Hoernlein manufactured 2 different versions of this engine, diesel and Glow. There were only 10 of the glow engine manufactured.

Taifun Zyklon 2.5 R/C Marine
Taifun Zyklon R/C Glow 

Taifun Zyklon R/C

Taifun Zyklon new in box

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