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Taifun Rennmotor 3.5
1952 Taifun Rennmotor

Technical data

Bore                        16.7 mm
Stroke                     15.7 mm
Rpm                         13,000 rpm
Power                       0.32 Hp
Total combustion      3.5 cc
Weight                     165 gram
Intake                      Front

The Taifun Rennmotor team race diesel was a powerful engine for its size. It was the first engine engraved with "Taifun" and "ges. gesch." which means, Typhoon and legally protected. This was not only done to promote the Taifun engines but, also to protect them from being copied. The foundry that manufactured the casting decided to sell the engines too, to increase their profit.
Hans Hoernlein eventually found a new foundry to do the castings. That is one of the reasons for the differences in the casting too.

Taifun Super 3.5 cutaway 

Taifun Rennmotor 3.5

Taifun Rennmotor 3.5 

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