Ronald Valentine Engines

The finest miniature engines in the world

RGU 2.5 Universa
1950 RGU 2.5 Universa

Technical Data:

Bore                              15.0 mm
Stroke                           14.0 mm
Rpm                            8,000 rpm
Power                           0.11 Hp
Total combustion          2.47 cc
Weight                           595 g
Intake                            side port

195O RGU 2.5 Universa manufactured by Rolf Roehner Apparatebau in Unterreichenbach Germany. Roehner also made the popular Jaguar diesel engines. Friedrich Schmidt in Munich distributed the RGU and later the Jaguar engines.

RGU Marine engine 


RGU 2.5 Universa
RGU 2.5cc

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