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The finest miniature engines in the world

Hoernlein's Profi 6.5
1974 Profi 6.5 cc R/C

Technical Data:

Bore                              20.0 mm
Stroke                           21.0 mm
Rpm                          16,000 rpm
Power                             0.85 Hp
Total combustion               6.5 cc
Weight                          380 gram
Intake                                  Front

1973 Hans Hoernlein started to develop the Profi engines and separated himself from the distributer Graupner. 1974 Multiplex started to distribute the Profi line. Hans manufactured some special Helicopter engines for Schlueter. 1978 Schlueter was the main distributor for the Profi line.

Hans Hoernlein Profi 6.5 cc R/C

Profi 6.5 cc

Profi 6.5 cc

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