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Hoernlein's Profi 18.0
1975 Hans Hoernlein Profi 18.0 cc

Technical Data:

Bore                         28.0 mm
Stroke                      29.0 mm
Rpm                          11,200 rpm
Power                         5.25 Hp
Total combustion      17.85 cc
Weight                      900 gram
Intake                          Front

Hans Hoernlein's 16.0 cc and 18.0 cc Profi engines had a bar stock machined or sand casted crank case. They are very powerful engines and are use to this day in big scale airplanes.

Hoernlein Profi 18.0 cc

Hoernlein Profi 18.0 cc

Hoernlein Profi 18.0 cc

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