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Hans Hoernlein's Hoemo
1950 Hans Hoernlein's Hoemo 2.5 cc

Technical Data:

Bore                         15.0 mm
Stroke                      14.0 mm
Rpm                          14,000 rpm
Power                         0.25 Hp
Total combustion       2.47 cc
Weight                      165 gram
Intake                          Front

Hoemo was the first diesel engine that Hans Hoernlein designed after he moved to West Germany from Suhl East Germany.

After a run of about 30 engines Hans Hoernlein altered his design. For production reason he fastened the Cylinder muff and sleeve with three long M3 x 20 mm screws. Later the engine was called Taifun Standard 2.5 cc

Hoemo 2.5 Mk II

Hans Hoernlein's Hoemo 2.5 cc

Hoernlein's first engine Hoemo 2.5 cc

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