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Hans Hoernlein's BHK's
1948 Hans Hoernlein's BHK Diesel

Technical Data:

Bore             12 mm       13 mm       18.5 mm      
Stroke          18 mm       19 mm       18.0 mm
Rpm               6,000         5,600         6,200
Power          0.18 Hp        0.2 Hp         0.34 Hp
Combustion  2.0 cc         2.5 cc          4.8 cc
Weight          220 g           230 g          325 g
Intake                            all side port

The BHK diesels were manufactured from left over parts that Bernhard Helmut Kratsch a relative of Hans Hoernlein sold him after World War II in Suhl East Germany.

Hans was only able to complete a few of these engine before he moved to Voehringen East Germany where he later manufactured the Taifun and Profi model engines. The demand for these engines, simply wasn't there and the anodizing didn't boost the sales at all. Oliver and other engine builders were manufacturing far better engines in the mean time.

BHK 2.0 cc

Hans Hoernlein's BHK 2.0 cc

The BHK 2.0 cc was anodized to boost the sales in West Germany.

Hans Hoernlein BHK 2.5

Hans Hoernlein BHK 4.8 cc

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