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FIMO Diesel Engine's
1956 FIMO I 7.5cc and Gigant F19

Technical Data:

Bore                      21.0 mm         16.5 mm
Stroke                   21.6 mm         16.0 mm
Rpm                    9,800 rpm     12,000 rpm
Power                    0.69 Hp          0.31 Hp
Total combustion      7.5 cc             3.4 cc
Weight                   550 g              215 g
Intake                            rear disc valve

These Walter Fiebig FIMO diesel engines were manufactured from 1956-1960. Mr. Fiebig built inline twins and water cooled engines too. His company was located in Kasel Germany.

1956 FIMO I - 7.5cc

FIMO Gigant F19 - 3.4cc


1956 FIMO Gigant

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