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About Us

All Valentine engines are produced in small quantities, and are of high precision, excellent design and high performance.

 Valentine engines have been  manufactured for over 30 years. The first workshop was in Empfingen-Wiesenstetten / Germany. After this Ronald Valentine started the production in his native country, the USA. Ronald learned to fly airplanes as a young boy, and always was fascinated by the mechanics and operation of engines. After studying in the USA and Germany, he became an apprentice at the University in Stuttgart/Germany, where he studied the practical and theoretical side of engineering. At a young age, he excelled as Master in mechanical engineering at the Daimler Benz School in Sindelfingen/Germany, where only the best students graduated with a degree.

The idea of these small engines is to see how small and compact diesel engines can be built and still be functional. Since the radio control equipment has became so small it became possible to fly most of our miniature engines in planes.






Pictures and hot spots will lead you to the description of each individual engine. 

Ronald Valentine
P.O. Box 368
La Crosse FL 32658
United States


tel. 352-213-7357

Valentine's Blitz Twin

Technical Data:

Bore                                4.0 mm
Stroke                             4.0 mm
Rpm                          14,800 rpm
Total combustion     2 x 0.05 cc
Weight                            5.5 gram

Valentine's Taifun 3 Cylinder

Technical Data:

Bore                               5.0 mm
Stroke                            5.0 mm
Rpm                         12,800 rpm
Total combustion     3x0.098 cc Weight                             30 gram

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