Ronald Valentine Engines

The finest miniature engines in the world

Foxie Glow & Diesel

Let me introduce you to Ronald Valentine's Taifun Foxie glow & diesel engines. Hans Hoernlein's 1960 Taifun Foxie never made it to the hobby shops because Graupner decided to distribute the Cox engine production line. Hans Hoernlein manufactured up to 200 engines in the 60's but only assembled 5 of them. We bought all the left part in the 80's and assembled them together with Hans Hoernlein.

Technical Data:

Bore                            8 mm
Stroke                         9 mm
Rpm                          18,500 rpm
Total combustion          0.44 ccm
Weight                      45 gram
Intake                     Disc Valve
Carburetor                  Stunt

Price                       $168.00

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