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Taifun 3 Cylinder

Let me introduce you to the Mark I & II Taifun 3 Cylinder Radial diesel engines. The crank case was machined from bar stock and only the Mark II was sand blasted. We manufactured 10 of these engines. The cylinders and spinner were anodized in different colors. Each cylinder had 2 intake and 2 exhaust ports. All of our multi cylinder engines have divided connecting rods and a one piece crank shafts. The Mark I has a 3 piece and the Mark II has a 2 piece crank case.

Technical Data:

Bore                           5.0 mm
Stroke                        5.0 mm
Rpm                          12,800 rpm
Total combustion    3x0.098 ccm
Weight                      30 gram
Intake            Front Rotary Valve

Price                         $825.00

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