Ronald Valentine Engines

The finest miniature engines in the world

Smallest Engines in the World

Welcome to Ronald Valentine engines! We are the manufacturers of the world's smallest model engines. We have been manufacturing miniature model engines for over 30 years. We specialized in 2-stroke diesel engines for model airplanes, boat and cars. Next to this we manufacture multi-cylinder engines 2-stroke and 4-stroke as glow or diesel engines. Our challenge is to develop and present the world's finest engines to our customers. Over the years we have sold worldwide thousands of model engines, which you will find in many miniature R/C planes and in the finest collections. We want to use this website to thank our supportive friends and customers.

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Ronald Valentine
P.O. Box 368
La Crosse FL 32658
United States

tel. 352-213-7357

We manufacture engine parts, restore engines, design engines and build engines from scrap, samples or blue prints.

We are always looking for antique engines and model airplane kits.

We give quotes on engines to estimate their value.

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